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    Delivering industry-defining training to local authorities

    In a world that increasingly faces information overload and where budgets are tight and time even tighter, the ability to stay ahead in our chosen profession is vital - and it's even more essential against a legal backdrop.

    Access to detailed but concise guidance, quality training that is affordable as well as relevant, and the opportunity to share, experience and learn should be the hallmarks of an affective programme of continuing professional development.

    As the market leader, LGG delivers an extensive annual programme that responds to changing needs, creatively identifies training requirements and is ultimately designed to provide the public sector legal practitioner with a one-stop shop where the emphasis is always on quality and value for money.

    Who are LGG?

    With around 20 years' experience delivering industry- defining training to the public sector legal professional, LGG draws on a pool of talent, sector knowledge and legal expertise to shape a comprehensive programme.

    LGG is the limited company trading arm of Lawyers in Local Government (LLG), created in April 2103 by the merger of SLG (Solicitors in Local Government) and the Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors (ACSeS).

    Our board members are all from a local authority or public sector background, giving them a unique understanding of the issues and pressures facing the sector through changing legislation, budgetary restraints and continually evolving pressures on personnel.

    The LGG programme is delivered following close and constant consultation with our impressive portfolio of speakers; it is always geared towards high quality, high value, and delegates can also see "at a glance" how attendance at a particular event will benefit their continuing professional development (CPD hours).

    To see our programme, please visit our website at



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