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July 23, 2018

Government faces threat of legal action over introduction of T-Levels

The Federation of Awarding Bodies has sent a letter before action to the Department for Education and the Institute for Apprenticeships warning of a potential judicial review challenge to the government’s T-Level programme. Read more

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Bringing it home?

Mediation iStock 000008373355XSmall 146x219
John Pugh-Smith and Katie Scott consider conflict management and resolution, and analyse alternatives to litigation for local government.

Highways and inspection systems

Road iStock 000012245935XSmall 146x219
A council’s annual inspection system was recently found by a court to be adequate for the purposes of S.58 of the Highways Act 1980 when determining liability. Lucie Evans and Suzanne Milne report.

Criminal law and family proceedings

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What place does criminal law have in family proceedings? Mark Cooper reports on a Court of Appeal ruling.

Evaluation of social value

Predeterminiation iStock 000016468646Small 146x219
The UK government has announced changes to extend the scope of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, to rebuild trust after Carillion's collapse. Patrick Parkin considers the implications.

Legal Aid in housing cases

House key iStock 000004543619XSmall 146x219
John Murray looks at a successful judicial review challenge to the government's proposed changes to legal aid and housing cases.

Accountable care organisations

Health iStock 000005083391XSmall 146x219
The Administrative Court recently considered a challenge to the creation of a new model for the provision of health and social care in England. Jonathan Auburn analyses the outcome.

Tribunals and interim relief

Employees iStock 000005305116XSmall 146x219
What does a claimant have to prove to obtain an order for interim relief from the employment tribunal? Eleanor Boyd reports.

The NIA and compulsory purchase

Money iStock 000008683901XSmall 146x219
Richard Guyatt examines proposals in the National Infrastructure Assessment for making the process of compulsory purchase simpler and fairer.

Open and shut

Project iStock 000000224397XSmall 146x219
A judge recently found that an open cast mine case - where a council sought specific performance of an escrow account agreement - was open and shut. Matt Hutchings QC and Shomik Datta set out why.

Rising social worker caseloads

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With a more than 10% increase in social worker caseloads, is there an increase in risk? Sarah-Erwin Jones looks at the potential problems.

Clarity in procurement processes

Partnership iStock 000006695073XSmall 146x219
The High Court has examined whether it should order a contracting authority to amend its decision and award a contract to the claimant. Melanie Peers and Tim Care consider its approach.

Prosecuting manslaughter

Justice from Old Bailey HB Editorial
Sarah Wilson sets out the key considerations in the recent prosecution for manslaughter of a defendant who sold 'fat-burning capsules'.

Dealing with student sit-ins

Strike 146x219
With the current climate of strikes and further cuts to public services, the number of student sit-ins is again on the rise. Michelle Bendall considers the options for handling them.

Legal decisions and social work

Munby J 146x219
The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, retires this month. Naomi De Silva looks at how his rulings have affected social work.

Equal pay and comparators

Payslip iStock 000005826087XSmall 146x219
What happens when the pay of a comparator in an equal pay claim changes? Michael Halsey explains.

When can we dismiss for misconduct?

Redundancy iStock 000006411338XSmall 146x219
Rebecca Driffield and Phil Allen look at the lessons to be learned from recent cases involving alleged unfair dismissals.

Selling off council property

Property sale 827489 s 146x219
Rebecca Gilbert considers how councils can best approach the sale of their property assets.

Good expert or bad?

Witness iStock 000005559204XSmall 146x219
When it comes to historic social care claims, the answer lies in the prep, writes Laura Broadhead.

Long players: time and money

Planning 146x219
Is there more that can be done to encourage timely resolution of issues that arise at planning application stage? Simon Ricketts investigates.

Whistleblowing. In tune again

Referee iStock 000006306507XSmall 146x219
Adam Ohringer considers the implications of a Court of Appeal ruling in a whistleblowing case involving a London borough.

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