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Brexit, Social Care and Housing - 39 Essex Chambers

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With millions of EU and EEA nationals resident in Britain, the UK’s impending withdrawal from the European Union will have a significant effect on the local authorities’ obligations to citizens of other European countries.

This presentation looks at how the status of EEA nationals in the UK will be affected by the relationship the UK finally chooses with the bloc and how this will affect their entitlements to support and housing and the obligations owed by local authorities.

Course level: Update

Running Time: 33 minutes 

Date of recording: 21st July, 2016

•    The present situation

o    Who is eligible?

o    Welfare entitlement

o    Social housing

o    Accommodation and Support

•    Post-Brexit - 4 possible models and their effects

o    The ‘Norway’ model

o    The ‘Switzerland’ model

o    European Free Trade Association (EFTA) model

o    Going it alone

•    Transitional provisions: status of EEA nationals

•    Local Authority duties post-Brexit

•    Will there be different status for different categories of EEA residence right (e.g. Zambrano carers?

•    Duties towards Irish citizens

•    Leave to remain and human rights

•    Persons without status

Sian Davies 2016Sian Davies

Sian has experience in advocacy, advice, and drafting in public law matters, across the full range of legal issues encountered by adult social services, children’s services and housing departments. She also has a background in immigration, asylum and EU law as well as a strong Court of Protection practice.

Sian provided legal literacy training on the Care Act 2014 in conjunction with the Association of Assistant Directors of Social Services and the Department of Health in 2015. She also provides training to local authorities and other training providers on topics which have recently included eligibility of persons from abroad for services under Housing Act 1996 and Children Act 1989, Care Act 2014 and Mental Capacity Act 2005.

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