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Borough council to adopt Lexis Visualfiles case management system

The legal department at Rochdale Borough Council is set to adopt the legal workflow and case management solution, Lexis Visualfiles, as its electronic file system.

The legal department at Rochdale comprises 22 lawyers and administrative staff across two teams, dealing with a spectrum of cases. The department said it chose Visualfiles for its functionality, modern technology, customer support and the provider LexisNexis’ commitment to invest in the solution for the foreseeable future.

According to LexisNexis, the move will standardise the way teams work in the department, significantly reduce the use of paper and facilitate efficient remote working.

Through integration with Microsoft Outlook, Visualfiles enables users to access their matter files at any time without the need to log into a separate system. The product also provides an enhanced search functionality and improved speeds and performance of Visualfiles itself.

According to Pauline Tarrant, Project Manager at Rochdale Borough Council, these improvements "are key operational requirements for the department, moving forward".

Tarrant added: “Visualfiles ticks all the boxes. This will allow us to adapt and evolve the solution to meet our changing business needs. This initial deployment is only the start of our digital journey.”

Simon Farthing, Commercial & Marketing Director of LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, said that Rochdale Council's adoption comes at a time when increased demand on public sector organisations has made increasing digital capability "essential to delivering a superior service".

Farthing added: “Rochdale Borough Council recognises this and has a clear view on how it wants to approach technology deployment to enhance the legal department’s ability to deliver the best possible service. We will work with them in partnership and play our part in assisting them to achieve their goals well into the future.”

Adam Carey