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The solution to IR35

Law on demand static 450What is the problem?

Locum lawyers have consistently been the solution for local authorities in times of increased workload or staff shortages.  And as most working in local government will know, from April 2017, IR35 is changing.  

The key change is that the responsibility for deciding if IR35 applies will shift from an individual worker and their intermediary (such as a Limited personal services company) to the local authority. The local authority will be responsible for deducting and paying associated employment taxes and National Insurance contributions to HMRC.  One option is to direct workers through umbrella organisations to ensure the correct taxes are paid, but this represents a deterrent for many locums who ultimately do not want to be forced into quasi employment.

This has now created a dilemma to many local authorities who rely on locums to provide additional support.

Dean mono linkedin“Changes to IR35 have brought resourcing into sharp focus for those in local government. Support services have an important role to play in meeting the challenges ahead.”  
Dean Hulse – Director & Barrister, HY
David mono linkedin“Locums will continue to provide a suitable solution in many cases. However, Law on Demand adds a new dimension to the resourcing options available to local authorities.”  
David Yazdi – Director, HY

What is the solution?

HY’s Law on Demand service provides a new resourcing option for local authorities. Rather than the offer of a full-time dedicated individual, our team of lawyers are organised by us to provide legal support to a roster of local authorities at any one time. This ensures that they are truly self-employed and allows our clients to use the service relaxed in the knowledge that IR35 will not apply.

Law on Demand is entirely fluid; you can use us as little or as often as you like. We do not require you to contract with us and moreover, you will not be required to pay an agency type fee or any other type of sign-up fee.  

Like the service, our lawyers work flexibly.  The team is made up of individuals with first-hand experience in local government and our aim is to be considered an extension to your internal legal department.

“We use Law on Demand to provide legal support.  It is a cost-effective quality service, tailored to deal with the needs of local government, utilising former local government officers”.

Herefordshire Council

What does it cost?

The pricing plan works on a tiered basis – the more you use the less it costs.  Unlike conventional outsourcing, this cost model has been designed so that on average, 35 hours a week using Law on Demand will cost no more than an experienced locum.  There are no hidden fees and the local authority remains entirely in control of its expenditure. 

To find out more about using Law on Demand, please contact Dean directly on 01706 699905.  

Local government lawyers who are interested in joining our team of HY consultants can call 0161 804 1144 to speak to one of our advisers.  

Other ways to get in touch include email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via HY’s website at

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