West Midlands councils eye legal challenge over distribution of Afghan refugees

West Midlands councils are reported to be considering taking the Government to judicial review over the distribution of Afghan refugees.

Sky News has reported that Coventry City Council’s Labour leader George Duggins has said that all councils should be required to help house the refugees, rather than only those that volunteer.

It quoted Cllr Duggins saying: “We will seek judicial review for the government to ensure that the dispersal programme and dispersal process is fairer than it actually is.

"We don't believe and I don't believe for one minute that people should be allowed to opt out as they have been able to do.

"We've talked about mandation, now the government doesn't want to go down that particular line, but I think they've got to.”

He said the arrival of Afghan refugees was a national crisis that should not be handled on a piecemeal local basis.

Coventry has been approached for comment.

Mark Smulian

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