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What now for public sector office buildings?

With the move to working from home, what will become of public sector office buildings? Amy Entwistle looks at the position in Scotland. Read more
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October 07, 2021

Severe maladministration at housing association saw resident live with damp and mould for two years, Ombudsman investigation finds

A Housing Ombudsman investigation into a housing association's failure to respond to a resident's request to deal with damp and mould in her home has uncovered two instances of severe maladministration.
October 07, 2021

Asylum seeker wrongly declared as intentionally homeless by Council

Westminster City Council wrongly declared an asylum seeker intentionally homeless after she left a flat in Middlesbrough because of the activities of an intruder.
October 06, 2021

High Court raps councils over failure to progress injunctions against travellers

Four councils have been found by the High Court to have engaged in an abuse of process relating to injunctions against travellers and a fifth has been severely criticised in cases where they showed “complacency, even insouciance”.
October 05, 2021

Regulator makes three appointments to board of Liverpool social housing provider in bid to resolve governance failures

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has made three statutory appointments to the board of a provider of social housing in Liverpool that was the subject of a strongly-critical regulatory notice.


October 07, 2021

Capability and conduct dismissals

Can the Employment Tribunal “go behind' a final written warning? Madeleine Shields reports on a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling.
October 07, 2021

List of issues

Peter Doughty looks at the lessons from a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal judgment around the list of issues.
October 07, 2021

A commentary on the new powers in relation to quashing orders and abolition of the rule in Cart

David Lock QC, David Elvin QC and Richard Drabble QC look at the some of the potential consequences of the Judicial Review and Courts Bill.
October 03, 2021

Possession – more change in England

From the beginning of this month, there has been yet more change on the possession front. Suzanne Gregson examines the latest position.
September 30, 2021

No case to answer: prosecution under s. 82 Environmental Protection Act 1990 dismissed

Sarah Salmon reports on how a social landlord successfully defended a private prosecution brought by an occupier of one of its properties under section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
September 30, 2021

Assessment of costs in disrepair claims

The County Court recently considered the amount of legal costs that are recoverable in a disrepair claim that settled pre-issue. Stathis Kosteletos and Elena-Lucia Singleton analyse the ruling.
September 23, 2021

Are you ready for UK GDPR 2.0?

Ibrahim Hasan sets out the key points from the Government's consultation on a revamped data protection regime.
September 23, 2021

Vaccinating 12 to 15 year olds

Stephanie McGarry and Alistair Taylor consider the Government’s updated guidance on Covid-19 vaccination of 12 to 15 year olds.

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September 23, 2021

Fixed recoverable costs in housing conditions claims

The Government has decided to extend fixed recoverable costs to all civil claims, including housing conditions claims. Matthew Lake analyses the impact of the move.
September 16, 2021

Housing disrepair claims and costs

Social landlords who do not challenge costs are potentially overpaying by tens of thousands of pounds in some of these matters. Alex Bagnall explains how they can secure significant reductions.
September 16, 2021

Asserting a statutory right

Peter Doughty examines the protection under s.104 Employment Rights 1996 (ERA) afforded to an employee from being dismissed for asserting a statutory right.
September 09, 2021

Another month, another immunity case. Another question ducked by the court?

Roderick Morton analyses an appeal against a decision of an inspector to dismiss the appellant's appeal against an enforcement notice issued by a council in respect of the unauthorised conversion of a property into two flats.
September 07, 2021

Homelessness and eligibility

This LexisNexis Local Government practice note, produced in partnership with Iris Ferber of 42 Bedford Row, provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering the eligibility of applicants for housing assistance.
September 06, 2021

Where are you? The “missing” witnesses and drawing an adverse inference

Andrew Lane reports on a recent trial of a possession claim where the issue of adverse inferences was raised.
September 02, 2021

Challenge to Cherwell Local Plan review dismissed

Jenny Wigley QC, Leon Glenister and Rupert Warren QC examine the High Court’s dismissal of a challenge to the Cherwell Local Plan review.
September 02, 2021

Staying away from work because of Covid: a trap for employers?

Hari Menon looks at the problems that arise for employers where an employee stays away from work, pointing to the risks to his health from potentially contracting Covid.
September 02, 2021

Auxiliary aids and reasonable adjustments: a reminder

Charles Pigott considers the lessons of a recent ruling on the third element of the duty to make adjustments.
August 26, 2021

Long COVID: What is it and how should employers deal with it?

Andrew Rayment, Laura McLellan and Kendel Shepherd look at the issues created by Long Covid and set out some practical steps for employers.
August 26, 2021

Commercial leases and unpaid rent

Are we turning a corner? Priya Sejpal examines the Government Policy Statement on COVID-19 enforcement and rent recovery restrictions for commercial leases.
August 26, 2021

Fuzzy and uncertain boundaries

David Nuttall looks at the implications for the law of boundaries from a recent High Court ruling.