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Caselines and Iken unveil integration initiative for sending evidence documents

Technology firms CaseLines and Iken have unveiled a joint initiative to deliver integration that will allow Iken clients to send evidence documents directly to CaseLines Digital Courtroom technology.

For Iken clients, the integration with Caselines will remove the need to save evidence documents locally prior to loading into CaseLines.

Tanya Corsie, Chief Operating Officer at case management software provider Iken, said: “This initiative addresses current requests from our clients. By teaming with CaseLines we have solved for our clients the problem of sending case files securely to the courts – this eliminates the cost and complexity of using secure email or shared storage solutions.”

David Jackson from evidence management and courtroom presentation firm CaseLines said: "This initiative will simplify the adoption of CaseLines and allow local authorities to move quickly towards digital working in the courts, following the successful model adopted by the West London Family Courts and in the Crown Courts.”

The companies said the integration would be available to existing Iken clients in early 2018. “Iken users will be able to create new cases in CaseLines automatically and then add evidence directly to the bundle from the associated case file in Iken. Once the bundle is finalised and ready for court, users can invite court staff and judges, who then have the option of downloading an electronic copy securely, or using all the courtroom presentation tools CaseLines offers to conduct a paperless hearing in the court.”

Almost 200 local authorities and half of all UK police forces in the UK use Iken each day.

CaseLines’ systems meanwhile hold over 200,000 cases, amounting to more than 50 million pages of evidence. Almost 1,500 British judges are regular users of the CaseLines system. CaseLines users can conduct completely paperless hearings, including streaming video evidence in court and can also conduct on-demand virtual hearings using embedded video conferencing tools.

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