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In Real Time Translation

    In Real Time Translation, a UK Company, provides document translation services, language interpretation services as well as sign language, Braille and other services for those with visual or hearing impairments for over 400 clients from across the country.

    Standard rates are amongst the lowest available in the UK with document translation services starting from just £90 per 1,000 words.  In addition, unlike some other providers of document translation services we only use fully qualified and certified translators. Our deadlines are short, with most documents being delivered within 24 hours of receipt.

    In particular what marks us out is our ability to supply document translation services in any language or dialect from across the world quickly and at short notice as well as language interpretation services for any language which we can supply across the UK both in person and via the telephone.

    Our language interpretation services include both simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.  We can also supply all of the technical equipment you are likely to need for any type of event.  Our language interpretation services cover all types of meetings, conferences and events.

    Sign language interpreters are provided to facilitate your communication with people who are deaf.

    For those with sight problems we provide a Braille service as well as tape transcription and large print services.

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    E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Tel:     0845 838 1051

    Fax:     0845 280 2208


    In Real Time Translation
    4 Nelson Close
    PE6 0DL

    In Real Time Translation

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