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Easton Bevins

    Easton Bevins is a leading independent Chartered Building Surveying Practice.

    We are Regulated by RICS and provide a wide range of building surveying consultancy services. We have particular specialisms in Litigation, Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution.

    We operate across most sectors, including residential, schools, healthcare and industrial. From our offices across the south of England we can service projects across the UK.


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    Legal and Litigation

    Easton Bevins have a highly experienced legal and litigation department headed by Chris Easton.

    Chris Easton has over 30 years experience in the construction industry and has acted in various legal disputes for in excess of 20 years.

    In addition to Chris we have a vastly experienced team of Expert Witnesses at Easton Bevins. We have acted in a number of notable cases and have the necessary technical support within the practice to deal with a large variety of issues.

    We regularly undertake inspections of various issues, from boundary disputes to valuations to construction defects, and prepare CPR reports, Accommodation Reports, Scott Schedules and undertake Court Appearance and provide evidence as appropriate.

    Two of our senior staff are members of the Expert Witness Institute, one of which is currently serving as a Governor of the Institute.

    In addition several of the Senior Chartered Building Surveyors regularly provide expert advice and prepare CPR reports.

    CPR compliant Expert Witness Reports

    Our Chartered Surveyors are recognised experts in the fields building defects, boundaries and land disputes and valuation.

    We have a proven track record (as detailed on the attached resume of example cases) and are therefore able to produce fully CPR compliant Expert Witness Reports in respect of current and retrospective valuations, land and boundary disputes and building defects.

    Accessed via the link below are Chris Easton's resume of CPR cases and Mike Bull's resume of boundary and land cases for information regarding the experience of two of our experts.

    PDF logoDownload Resume of CPR cases.pdf


    PDF logoDownload Resume of Land and Boundary Cases.pdf



    EB1Section 146 Notices

    A notice issued under section 146 of the Law of Property Act 1925 that warns a tenant who is in breach of covenant (other than the covenant to pay rent) of the landlord’s intention to forfeit the lease.

    The notice must specify the breach complained of and if the breach is remediable, require the tenant to remedy it; and in any case require the tenant to monetarily compensate the landlord.

    EB3Equality Act 2010 Residential and Commercial

    The Equality Act 2010 came into force as of 1st October 2012 and simplifies all previous regulations. The aim of the Act is to help prevent discrimination against people with disabilities.

    We can advise on the design of new buildings or extension, and alterations to existing buildings to ensure compliance with the regulations to satisfy the requirements of all people with disabilities.

    EB2Expert Witness guidance and advice


    If you have a difference of opinion with your builder or architect, or if you are a builder and you have a disagreement with a client or subcontractor, you are likely to resolve your disputes through one or other of the above processes.

    Your solicitor will advise you on the best route to find a solution, but whichever process is chosen a report from an Expert Witness on liability and quantum will be required by the Court or Adjudicating Authority.

    We have been actively involved in all aspects of the building profession for 25 years.  We can now provide Expert Witnesses specialising in various areas of construction, surveying and building practice.  We are regulated and approved by The Law Society, The Expert Witnss Institute, The Society of Expert Witnesses, The Academy of Experts, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

    Members of this firm have been involved in a number of high profile cases throughout the UK, many of which have been reported in the national press and on television and some of which have now set legal precedent.
    We are instructed on a regular basis by solicitors across the country to produce Expert Witness Reports in compliance with the Civil Procedure Rules which are now mandatory in County Court and High Court cases.

    EB4Boundary, Neighbour & Land Disputes

    Boundary, neighbour and land disputes have become a more common occurrence in recent times due to the increase in property prices and land values. People are more aware of the importance of protecting their land and access to land and we are able to provide advice and act as Expert and/or Mediator.

    From simple domestic garden wall disputes to complex land issues we can carry out inspections, measured surveys, historic research, document analysis and CPR report production. We can attend court if required.

    It is considered appropriate to try and resolve issues prior to escalation to court and we are able to act under joint instruction and mediate to achieve a prompt and considered resolution to the dispute.

    For further information and advice please contact Mike Bull in our Bristol office in the first instance.

    EB5Party Wall etc. Act 1996

    We have several specialist Party Wall Surveyors within the practice. We have acted for the Developing Owner, the Adjoining Owner and as Joint and Third Surveyor.

    We also undertake all schedules of condition and inspections.

    The extent of the technical knowledge within the practice ensures that we are able to comment appropriately and assess the detail within notices and prepare the content and provision of technical information required to form the award.

    If you have any queries regarding the provisions of the Act please contact Mike Bull in our Bristol office in the first instance. For further information please also click on the link below.

    PDF logoDownload partywall-booklet.pdf


    Easton Bevins

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