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    Helping build confidence and accountability in public organisations

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    For public organisations seeking external assurance or reinforcement in connection with governance, Standards and compliance, Howell Christie Ltd is a consultancy which delivers thoroughness, credibility and pragmatism with the right balance of challenge and support.

    Good governance systems are how organisations get to the bottom of what’s going on and stay on top of what they find. Drawing on wide experience of operating in the sector, Howell Christie Ltd and its associates provide robust and authoritative governance reviews and advice in a cost effective and efficient way.

    Our Standards investigations reports help Standards Committee members make the right decision, with confidence.  Outsourcing investigations to Howell Christie helps to alleviate the tensions inherent in such situations and removes concerns about preference or prejudice that may be associated with an officer-led investigation. Our independent, third party conduct of the case can help to preserve working relationships for the future and eliminates the potential for intimidation of in-house investigators.

    We offer experts by experience and education who are motivated by driving development in the public sector and beyond, who have credibility with key stakeholders and who will work collectively with organisations to deliver improvement.

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    Tel: 01273 704761


    Howell Christie Ltd, Sussex Innovation Centre, University of Sussex, Science Park Square, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9SB

    Howell Christie Ltd

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