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Expert Psychological Solutions


    Family Law (Public and Private) is changing fast, with far fewer Courts permitting expert witness psychological assessments during Care Proceedings and access to specialist Psychological assessments of children and parents in Private Law drastically reduced by changes to Legal Aid eligibility criteria.

    Expert Psychological Solutions as specialists in Family Law, have responded to these changes by providing new and cost effective ways of delivering psychological assessments, therapy, training and supervision including innovative Pre-Proceedings interventions designed to divert families from Court Proceedings (including a range of online services)  and provision of the highest quality holistic therapeutic and risk assessments for the most complex Care cases.

     EPS Guarantees


    Preliminary enquiries Guarantee:

    ‘Preliminary Enquiries of Expert Pro-Forma’ including full cost estimate will be completed and returned electronically within 48 hours to enquiring Solicitor. Blank Pro-Forma can be obtained from the Law Society (click here) if required.

    Assessment, Reporting and Filing Guarantees:

    All assessments and reports are guaranteed to be completed within 3-4 weeks of receipt of Bundle and Letter of Instruction. Cases with multiple Parties may take up to 6 weeks but fastest possible filing date for cases will always be given and adhered to.

    All Psychological Reports will be formatted to be up to date with current Family Law reforms, including the requirement for shorter reports with ‘balance sheet’ analysis on key issues.

    There will be no delays on any filed Reports or Addendums which may impact on 26 week timetable and the Instructing Solicitor will be informed within 24 hours of any issues that might result in delay (such as client not attending appointment).

    Quality guarantees:

    All psychological services offered will be provided by Lisa Wolfe (Director) or an associate with equivalent qualifications, training and relevant expertise.

    All Psychological services offered will be subject to full professional indemnity insurance and adhere to HCPC regulations and will note British Psychological Society and NICE Good Practice Guidelines for the relevant assessment area.

    Expert Witness Standards (in force from April 2014) will be fully complied with.

    Fee and invoice guarantees:

    All Psychological Assessments and reports will be undertaken at current LAA rates

    All invoices will be formatted to satisfy current LAA requirements

    Any LAA expert fee queries should be copied by the Instructing Solicitor to EPS, who will be responsible for providing a written response (including clinically detailed answers to any LAA queries) which the Instructing Solicitor can directly transmit to LAA.This process is proven to avoid inconvenience and administrative costs for the Instructing Party.

    Click here for short CV of Lisa Wolfe (Clinical Director). Full CV available on request.

    Lisa WolfeClinical Director of EPS,  Lisa Wolfe,  is an HCPC Registered, Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has worked continuously as an Expert Witness in family law since 1997, completing 375 medico-legal reports in Family Law and Youth Justice, throughout the UK and Channel Islands as well as holding highly specialised NHS posts assessing and treating children, families and adults with the most complex combination of risks and needs including learning disabilities, Autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, substance misuse, young offenders and adult offenders with severe mental health and personality disorders. 

    For Lisa Wolfe Director CV click here

    As specialist providers of the highest quality holistic psychological assessments, reports and interventions in Family Law since 1997, EPS  *guarantees*  make sure that the Court, Parties and Parents get exactly what they expect from Instructing Lisa Wolfe or EPS associate.

    Instructing an Expert Psychologist:

    Family Lawyers, Local Authority legal services and CAFCASS are all facing increasing pressures to strictly adhere to the 26 week timetable in Care cases, to provide detailed evidence that any expert assessment is genuinely ‘necessary’ and deliver standardised ‘Preliminary Enquiry of an Expert’ forms including detailed cost breakdowns.  Legal Aid Agency restrictions on expert fees, hours permitted per assessment, prior authority regulations and risks of expert bills being queried after case completion make life even harder for the Instructing Solicitor.

    Expert Psychological Solutions has the specialist Family law experience to make the whole process of Instructing an expert; from providing a Law Society approved ‘Preliminary Enquiries of an Expert’ form to delivering invoices specifically designed to satisfy LAA requirements, simple and stress free.


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     - Pre-proceedings

     - Private Law

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     - Supervision and Training

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    Expert Psychological Solutions

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